Formation of Limited Companies

What is a limited company and how does it work? - click this link

Formation process and information

We provide a specialist formation service to reflect the exact requirements of our clients. The basis for this will have been established through our initial consultation process.

This is a world away from off-the-shelf and bucket-shop agency formations.

Unless you have been involved as a director of a small limited company before, you will need advice and guidance to help you understand your obligations and responsibilities. It's not rocket science but there is a lot involved and the guidance has permanent relevance. The link at the top of this page will help in understanding this.

Most small business directors are also shareholders, sometimes the sole one of each. Many are spouse/civil partner or family concerns. However large or small, most of the rules apply equally yet for a director to learn and understand everything would be out of all proportion compared with the need to do the actual work!

Statutory stationery

Click this link for guidance on what information must be shown on company stationery etc.

Registered Office - important information

A UK limited company must have a UK Registered Office where certain records are kept; and in law the office has to be accessible during normal office hours. Unless it is your own home, the full name must be attached to the registered office and must be clearly legible from a public place.

The Certificate of Incorporation must also be kept at the registered office and be available for inspection.

If you don't have formal premises you may not want your home to be the registered office, in which case it can be located at our premises. We provide this service for the majority of our limited company clients.

We make a one-off charge of £40.00 plus VAT for the manufacture, delivery and installation of the sign but - unlike many firms of accountants - we don't make any further annual or other charges just for being the registered office.

See below about other associated charges.

Other charges

Depending on the services we will have agreed to provide to your limited company, there may be charges for PAYE end-of-year, VAT Returns, Construction Industry Scheme administration, bookkeeping or whatever in addition to the main annual accountancy and tax work. These are all parts of an accountancy service.

But one additional annual function is the preparation and submission of the annual Confirmation Statement (see the main link at the top of this page for an explanation of what this is). The reminder for this automatically goes to the registered office and we keep a register of due dates so it cannot be forgotten if the registered office is here.

We charge £97 for this service (unless there are non-standard aspects, which is rare), which includes VAT and the £13 filing fee, We assume to do this for all companies registered here so you will need to opt out if you would prefer to do it yourself.