Information that must be shown on company stationery

It is important to get this right. Companies House can levy a fine of up to £1,000 for non-compliance.

The following information is required to be shown clearly and legibly on letters and emails. It also needs to be shown on websites either on every page or at least on the Home or Contact pages.

> The full registered name including 'Ltd' or 'Limited'. It may have a different trading name, which would usually be prominent, but the registered name must be given.

> The Registered Office address and place of registration - again, this may not be the trading address but it must be given and identified as the registered address. The 'place of registration' is most usually 'England and Wales'.

> The registration number.

See the first line at the foot of our own web pages for an example.

There is no obligation to name the director(s) but if you do, they must all be named.

Other documents such as compliment slips, invoices and order forms must show at least the full company name.