Changing your accountant

You probably won't have to contact your existing accountant when you decide to change over to us. All the formalities are done for you.

Changing accountants is not really any different from changing your home fuel supplier, your petrol station or even your favourite pub or restaurant - and the reasons may be similar!

The usual procedure is that we write a 'clearance letter', which enables the outgoing accountant to raise any outstanding issues that may cause them to hold on to information pending resolution.

The letter makes the assumption there are no such issues and so goes on to request whatever is appropriate.

In the vast majority of cases this is a quick, non-contentious procedure. After all, it is in their interests to expend as little time as possible on a matter that will generate no further income. These days it may be done completely by email with documents attached, which is the quickest and cheapest way.

Then it's up to us to provide the services you require to a high standard at an acceptable price so that you feel relaxed and confident; and will therefore stay with us for years to come.