How we manage your work and when it is done

Once you bring in your paperwork (and/or provide other information by email as appropriate), your case will be added to our 'Books In' list. Normally we start each new job in the order in which we receive the information so you won't usually hear from us immediately.

Our workflow varies enormously over the course of a year so we review the list regularly to ensure no deadlines are missed. We may change the order of jobs started where there is no disadvantage to someone higher up the list.

With the best will in the world, the time between you bringing in the information and us starting on the work is hard to predict but our monitoring systems are robust so you cannot be forgotten. We'll be in touch if the time-lag looks like it will be exceptional.

In over thirty years we have never missed a deadline where we had the information available in good time even if there was a long delay between receiving it and doing the work.

However if you bring us the information only shortly before the relevant deadline, we will not guarantee to honour it if that would jeopardise another client who is already on the list with the same or an earlier deadline.

The December-January period is by far the busiest. Managing last-minute work in that period is very difficult and sometimes requires overtime working. Very late submission of books and paperwork at any time of the year can lead to surcharges on our fees to pay for the overtime and other extra expenses. Such charges are not penalties or profiteering; they merely reflect the additional costs to us for doing work that could otherwise have been done in our normal working time.

It is always in your best interests to bring in or send us all the relevant documents and information as soon as you have them. This will guarantee the work will be done on time, at lowest cost, and with maximum notice of taxes becoming due.