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Are you set up optimally to get the most from your venture, to reduce your administrative burden, to minimise your liabilities...and, most importantly, to free you up to get on with your work and make more from it?

Even the simplest concerns can get tangled up unnecessarily by being wrongly structured. We'll give you a comprehensive health-check - it probably won't take as long as you think.

All our business clients are 'small' (turnover or gross profit under £1 million). As we don't deal with larger concerns, you can be confident of receiving the undivided attention you deserve.


We offer help and advice with bookkeeping at any level: paper-based or computerised.

We won't leave you struggling with inappropriate methods and systems just to give us an excuse to spend more time on your accountancy and charge you more than necessary.

Scores of clients over twenty years have had the scales fall from their eyes when we have taken the mystery out of bookkeeping for them and we can provide assistance on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

VAT, Payroll, CIS

Yes, yes and yes. This is everyday work for us, so we do it quickly, efficiently and therefore economically - and it doesn't even annoy us.

Virtual Finance Department

Many small concerns need help with invoicing, credit control, bookkeeping, VAT, PAYE and so on - yet they cannot find the time to do these things, they are not expert at them and it would be uneconomic to employ someone for the relatively few hours involved.

It really can be most cost-effective for us to become your 'Accounts Department', doing as much or as little as you need to keep everything up to date...and almost invariably, this leads to your final accountancy costs being much less expensive as well.


For many concerns, particularly small ones, the only reason for the accountancy process is to tell the HM Revenue and Customs what you owe them. Larger enterprises need more detailed information and there is a wide range of requirements in between.

We take pride in providing what you need, no more and no less - not what we want you to have so that we can charge you more. We have lived and worked in the real world for over twenty years, helping real businesses by producing the accounts that are appropriate for them.


We look at the whole picture and not just one year at a time (which is short-sighted and can be expensive in the long run). We provide level-headed advice to ensure you know where you stand every step of the way.