Self Assessment

We are fully licensed to complete, print and submit Tax Returns. Forget all those hundreds of questions, forget the pages of notes, forget the impossibly complicated calculation, forget deadlines...we do it all.

Instead of receiving a small rainforest's-worth of paper through your door each year, you get one simple reminder letter from HMRC. Our fail-safe systems mean you cannot be forgotten. You can send us the necessary information as soon as you have got it all together - don't wait to be asked!

We are licensed to file over the internet, which is secure and virtually instant.

The Payments on Account system
Click the link above for an explanation of how this works.

Personal Taxation

We automatically review your position every time we complete a Self Assessment.

We have highly-sophisticated systems that allow us to look at the overall situation and check out 'what if' scenarios to help decide what's best for you. Some accountants seem to think that maximising savings is their sole purpose in life, yet saving tax one year can cost you dear in later years.

We take a much more holistic approach because we live in the real world!

Higher-Rate Tax Payers

You don't have to be terribly well off to suffer higher-rate liabilities yet the complications of the system multiply alarmingly as soon as you reach this level.

Evasion is illegal, avoidance is becoming less of an option; but we can help you to optimise your position within the rules.


Rent-a-Room, Buy-to-Let and other lettings schemes are becoming ever more popular and we have many clients who either carry out this business on its own or who combine it with employment or self employment.

We can help with and advise on all aspects, not only the accountancy and records, but also the Capital Gains implications.

Capital Gains

We can guide you safely through this minefield.