Starting a New Business

See our first year fees guarantee

Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited Company?

This can be a tricky choice.

Talk to us before you commit yourself. After all, it is our job to know - and to keep up with - all the latest developments, something we have done successfully and consistently for over twenty years.

Every case is different, so you need independent, unbiased advice from an individual consultation...which is free.

All our business clients are 'small' (turnover or gross profit under £1 million). As we don't deal with larger concerns, you can be confident of receiving the undivided attention you deserve.

Registering your Business and/or Company Formation

Get it right from the start...

We will guide you quickly and easily through the paperwork - it's not as difficult as you think. We have all the forms, and they can be completed in our office, online or in your own time.

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Tax and NI

We will advise you of the best way to provide for your liabilities from day one (and, of course, how to keep those necessary evils to a minimum).

Take our advice and you will never be caught out by unexpected bills.


We offer help and advice with bookkeeping at any level: paper-based or computerised.

We won't leave you struggling with inappropriate methods and systems just to give us an excuse to spend more time on your accountancy and charge you more than necessary.

A short, inexpensive coaching session with us at the beginning could save you many hundreds of pounds in the future.