Our Data Protection Systems

We operate the best possible systems to protect our computer network from hacking and viruses. These systems are updated automatically as soon as the latest versions are released. This can be several times a day.

IT support and security are provided by iTexs Ltd, who are here at Copley Hill within sight of our offices and can be called upon at short notice to tackle any unexpected computer issues.

There is an on-site generator that cuts in automatically and our mother system is protected by an independent uninterruptable power supply. These measures prevent data corruption in the event of a power failure.

Clients' paper records, held in traditional filing cabinets in constant view of all staff, are being phased out.

Archived records are securely stored at Fulchers of Cambridge, who are located on the business park within sight of our offices. Access to the key for our dedicated storage container is restricted to Tim Phillips' staff only.

Out-of-date paperwork is put in sealed bags, which are retained within our offices until collection by PHS Datashred. They provide us with certificates of destruction to BS15713:2009 security shredding standard.

When we are closed, out-of-hours security is provided by the business park owners, Copley Hill Estates Ltd. There is an entrance barrier that is locked and keycode operated out of hours; and 24-hour recorded CCTV which is triggered for active monitoring by any out-of-hours activity at any time 365 days a year. The system has louspeakers and unexpected visitors can be challenged and the police can be called immediately if necessary.