CORONAVIRUS - Government Support for Businesses and Individuals

In a fast-moving situation the best place to find the latest information is on the main GOV.UK website.

South Cambs District Council has its own website although essentially the underlying advice is the same because it is coming directly from Central Government. You should check your own local authority's website if you are not in South Cambs.

All such websites are being updated as soon as changes are made and procedures put in place. The information is definitive so take great care to read it calmly, carefully and thoroughly in terms of how it relates to your own circumstances.

We now have considerable experience in the practical application of government assistance, particularly employee furlough, self employments and grants for those occupying business premises.

I recommend BBC News to keep up with developments.

Take great care about messages on any other websites or social media etc. There are malicious people out there who for any number of reasons want to spread lies and misinformation. The Government is being scrutinised by many expert bodies, the opposition and individuals. I do feel they have made many mistakes but overall the financial suppport packages have been remarkable in their scale and implementation.

Do not hesitate to email me directly at if you have any questions or problems interpreting the guidance